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2014 Partnerships in Clinical Trials

ACT Oncology is a full-service clinical research organization (CRO) with North American coverage and the ability to support global programs. Our dedicated team of experts works with our Sponsors to optimize oncology drug research and bring new treatments to the market quickly and efficiently.

ACT Oncology will be sponsoring the Roundtable Discussion on Conducting Oncology Clinical Trials as part of the 2014 Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from 30 March -2 April, 2014. ACT Oncology’s President, Pat Devitt Risse, Pharm D., will be facilitating the Roundtable Discussion and will also be presenting a talk with Beverly Harrison of the MMRF entitled Partnering with Patient Communities: CoMMpass Collaboration. Please contact Chris Ellis, Executive Director of Business Development, at 917-940-6464 to arrange a meeting with our operational and management staff.

ACT Oncology offers Sponsors a wealth of experience in the management of hematology studies. We have conducted 20 programs in Multiple Myeloma, 5 in Myelodyplastic Syndrome and 5 in Lymphoma. Our strong relationships with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and leading Myeloma researchers enable us to offer unparalleled support in this challenging therapeutic area.

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