Leveraging Our Expertise to Unleash
the Potential of Personalized Medicine

Supports major multiple myeloma personalized medicine programs

Committed Advocates Supporting
Positive Growth in the Clinical Trials Industry

Actively participates in industry forums

Passionately Committed to Oncology
Drug Development

Dedicated to the discovery of new oncology treatments


All of our employees have extensive research experience. Our team are stable, empowered and flexible.


We are a full-service, specialty oncology CRO. We have been committed to advancement in oncology treatments since 2000.


We successfully plan and execute some of the most complex oncology programs, often as a "rescue" from another CRO.

Powerful Clinical Research Meets Innovation

ACT Oncology is an oncology specialty CRO with a clear and consistent focus on supporting cutting edge clinical research. We believe in the power of our Sponsors’ novel science, combined with our clinical operations expertise. As leaders in the application of metrics-driven project management to optimize global oncology clinical research, we offer a dedicated team of experts to ensure the success of each of our collaborations.

With ACT Oncology, clients can expect:

  • Expert strategic development planning, therapeutic alignment and superior project execution for the most complex oncology studies
  • Empowered, responsive and consistent project teams
  • Flexible and scalable services to meet the changing needs of each program
  • Focus on meeting or exceeding timelines, within budget
  • Ongoing project risk evaluation and mitigation
  • Our significant project management experience and oncology expertise, combined with a passionate commitment to science and client service are key attributes of ACT Oncology. We invite you to partner with us and together we can enhance the management of your oncology development programs.



Upcoming Events

ACT Oncology's President and CEO, Patricia Devitt Risse, Pharm.D., will be presenting at Arena's Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials - West Coast conference, April 6-7, 2016 in Burlingame, CA.



ACT Oncology is Hiring!

ACT Oncology provides excellent clinical trial services to our clients.  As a result, we are experiencing tremendous growth and looking for various types of experienced individuals to join our Team. 


As a founding principle, we have an uncompromising passion for quality. It is who we are.


We believe that integrity is an essential asset. We will always do the right thing.

Client Champion

We are advocates of our Sponsors’ goals for the advancement of oncology treatment options.