Precision for Medicine Acquires ACT Oncology         


Senior Director, Business Development

Chris is a dynamic, clinical research executive with over 20 years of international sales and management experience in the Phase I-III biotech market.  His background includes 4 years of laboratory and clinical study operations at Johns Hopkins Medical Center followed by progressively challenging business development and management responsibilities in Clinical Research Organizations. 

Specializing in supporting oncology programs for the last 15 years, Chris established the North American operations for a European-based CRO and was General Manager and Head of Business Development for a Latin American-based SMO/CRO.   As Senior Director of Business Development at ACT Oncology since 2010, Chris has been a key driver of the company’s consistent increase in new and repeat business from North American and international oncology biotech companies.  His industry experience, relationship management skills and passion for providing outstanding customer service are integral components of the overall value we bring to each of our partnerships.   


We're changing our name and website to reflect our exciting new capabilities since joining Precision for Medicine. Please visit us at to see how we’re delivering the next generation of CRO services for oncology innovators.