Precision for Medicine Acquires ACT Oncology         

Enhanced Management of Investigator Sponsored Trials and Cooperative Group Studies

ACT Oncology has developed and implemented a unique and valuable set of project management tools to enhance the conduct of Investigator Sponsored and Cooperative Group Sponsored Trials (IST and CGST).  This Collaborative Model leverages the complementary strengths of the Investigator, Sponsor and the ACT Oncology development experts to optimize the value of such programs.  We are able to provide more rigor than traditional IST/CGST programs and at a lower cost than traditional company sponsored programs.  ACT Oncology has successfully deployed these tools in support of a series of studies with several Sponsors in the areas of multiple myeloma, metastatic breast cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

Benefits to using ACT Oncology’s Collaborative Model:

  • Supports potential label expansion with a lower risk investment by the pharma company
  • Facilitates making go/no go decisions on further product development activities
  • Enhances integrity of data versus normal IST process
  • Increases Investigator interest and satisfaction in conducting ISTs
  • Provides critical support to institutions lacking a fully-developed Clinical Trials Office

We're changing our name and website to reflect our exciting new capabilities since joining Precision for Medicine. Please visit us at to see how we’re delivering the next generation of CRO services for oncology innovators.