Precision for Medicine Acquires ACT Oncology         

Expert Management of Phase I-III Oncology Clinical Programs

ACT Oncology Project Directors and Project Managers provide our Sponsors with outstanding strategic and operational expertise based on their respective experience leading and supporting domestic and global Phase I-III oncology programs. Utilizing a proactive, metrics-driven approach to project management, they ensure adherence to protocols, timelines and budgets.  The strategy and oversight is supported by highly experienced Clinical Research Associates.  All ACT Oncology Project Directors, Project Managers and Clinical Research Associates come to ACT Oncology with at least 5 years of operations experience in their respective positions, as well as at least 5 years of oncology research experience.  Sponsors can have confidence that ACT Oncology recruits experienced research professionals, retains them and invests in their continuous training in development.

Site Selection & Management
Sponsors benefit greatly from the long-standing relationships we have developed with leading Investigators in a variety of oncology indications.  We are able to make reliable site recommendations based on prior performance metrics and current knowledge of competing trials, site staff limitations, etc.  Once we select the ideal sites, we provide staff training and support throughout the duration of the program.

Patient Recruitment
Recruitment and retention of qualified study participants who meet all inclusion criteria are key to the successful completion of any clinical program. Our project management and monitoring staff work closely with the Sponsor to design and implement site-specific patient recruitment plans to ensure that enrollment projections are met with the right patient population.

Consistent Application of Study Quality Metrics
Our Project Directors are driven to meet study timelines and to deliver quality data.  By incorporating Study Quality Metrics into their project management plans, they are able to proactively identify potential challenges and develop and implement contingency plans to ensure the success of the program.

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